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Pre-Production Update

8x8 Panel Paste

Hey Backers!  I am long overdue for an update.  First off things have been super busy here on my end.  As simple an offering as the RGB-123 lineup is there is still a ton of logistics to get through in preparation for order fulfillment. 8x8s and 8x16s – Final Proof PCBs of the 8×8 and 8×16 […]

RGB-123 meets Espruino

Very early on into this Kickstarter I partnered with Gordon Williams of Espruino.  Gordon backed RGB-123 very early on.  Because of his great Kickstarter I wanted to offer an option to all of you for an example of how to control these leds.  As such, I sent Gordon a 16×16 matrix to see what he could […]

Tetris meets RGB-123!


As of yesterday pledge backer and local maker Valentin Ivanov has put together a real cool project using a 16×16 prototype board.  He has adapted some other code that he had for Tetris and implemented this code with the 16×16 matrix.  He has done a great writeup at×16-and-arduino-mega-playing.html documenting the process. He has even posted the […]

Manufacturing Partner Named

Wai Chris and Ryan

Kickstarters, I have just arrived in Boston for the Open Source Hardware Association Summit 2013.  It is shaping up to be a great event that I have been looking forward to for sometime. During my travels to Boston, I stopped and visited Worthington Assembly Inc.  I was introduced to Chris Denney (@WAssembly) via Twitter and his […]