Full Scale Production


Backers, I hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving Holiday.  I wanted to let you know that we have been making great progress on many fronts. Matrix Production – we have been working with Worthington Assembly to get all of our matrix boards assembled.  Prior to the holidays that were able to overnight me proofs of the assembly […]

Kickstarter October Update

NYCR Door Logo

 Backers, its been awhile since I have given a status update.  Things have been a bit crazy as I try and keeps things on track for our November fulfillment of a majority of the reward levels.  I have made progress on supplies, shipments, and getting everything in line for our big production run.  I have […]

Early Adopter Rewards

Assembed 1x8 Matrices

8×8 Early Adopters – I just wanted to let you know that all of the 8×8 Early Adopter Rewards and add-ons will be shipping (Wed, 09 Oct 2013) or are ready to ship (need addresses for 2 backers). Tracking information and shipment notification should have been received via your personal email accounts.    1×8 Backers – The […]

Packaging Begins

Box Ready to Ship

Backers, I wanted to give you a quick update on the status for getting all set up with shipping of your rewards.  I have received a bunch of new supplies that will allow for shipping of your matrices in the very near future.  Early adopter rewards will begin shipping in the next couple of days. […]

Pre-Production Update

8x8 Panel Paste

Hey Backers!  I am long overdue for an update.  First off things have been super busy here on my end.  As simple an offering as the RGB-123 lineup is there is still a ton of logistics to get through in preparation for order fulfillment. 8x8s and 8x16s – Final Proof PCBs of the 8×8 and 8×16 […]

RGB-123 meets Espruino

Very early on into this Kickstarter I partnered with Gordon Williams of Espruino.  Gordon backed RGB-123 very early on.  Because of his great Kickstarter I wanted to offer an option to all of you for an example of how to control these leds.  As such, I sent Gordon a 16×16 matrix to see what he could […]

Tetris meets RGB-123!


As of yesterday pledge backer and local maker Valentin Ivanov has put together a real cool project using a 16×16 prototype board.  He has adapted some other code that he had for Tetris and implemented this code with the 16×16 matrix.  He has done a great writeup at http://www.breakcontinue.com/2013/09/rgb-123-16×16-and-arduino-mega-playing.html documenting the process. He has even posted the […]

Manufacturing Partner Named

Wai Chris and Ryan

Kickstarters, I have just arrived in Boston for the Open Source Hardware Association Summit 2013.  It is shaping up to be a great event that I have been looking forward to for sometime. During my travels to Boston, I stopped and visited Worthington Assembly Inc.  I was introduced to Chris Denney (@WAssembly) via Twitter and his […]

Design for Manufacturing

WS2811 vs 2812

Giving Back  Okay, this Kickstarter campaign has been going extremely well and I appreciate everyone’s interest and pledges.  I am trying to be very open with this project and share the steps involved with fulfilling this project. Planning Ahead  Prior to this Kickstarter, I have been closely watching other campaigns and the woes they had […]