How to Control the Led Matrix

Arduino Wire Connection

Hey there backers!  I have gotten a number of inquiries on how the leds are actually controlled.  The short answer is that an embedded microcontoller (uController) of some sort is needed to handle the timing control of the WS2812Bs.  Through Open Source Hardware (OSHW) and Software the code to control the leds is readily available for […]

Kickstarter Goes Live!


We have had an overwhelming response to our Kickstarter in these first few hours  and appreciate all the support we have received from everyone.  I am really looking forward to what the future holds both near term (Kickstarter) and long term!

WS2812B vs WS2811


I have been developing a number of led based projects using the WS2812 leds.  These leds are commonly available in many of the individually controllable RGB led strips.  Recently, the package of this chip has been updated.  The newest version is called the WS2812B.  This new chip operates on the same timing protocol as the […]

WS2812 Color Output


I have previously mentioned that I have been in the process of integrating the WS2812 RGB led with built-in PWM controller into a line of lighting products. You can see one of the prototype boards that we are currently testing now. The board is arranged in an 8×8 matrix and is meant to fit into […]

Neomatrix Scrolling


The folks at Adafruit worked extensively in coordination with Phil Burgess at PaintYourDragon to come up with this easy and intuitive scrolling matrix code that works with the WS2812 LEDs that are in many of their products as well as our matrices. Here I have ganged up eight early prototypes of the 8×8 Matrices to […]