Featured Artist – Mads Christensen

Recently, we have been working closely with Mads Christensen of Blues and Gray who has used our led matrices and control hardware successfully in several of his recent projects. On a recent visit to Los Angeles I got to visit Mads’ studio and see some of his pieces first hand.


Woven II
I really like this piece. It is commonly available rgb strips that have been woven together and diffused through the application of white paint. Simplistic and pure.

What are you blinking about?
The image below only begins to describe the brilliance of this piece. This installation is an amazing outdoor piece and I only wish I could have seen it installed at Burning Man 2014 this year.

One of Mads’ most recent pieces “Zoom” features our 48 Output Cape. The amazing framerate capability of 400 fps on 48 channels of led data makes for extremely smooth transitions and color effects and has enabled many of the amazing visualizations seen in this piece.