Featured Artist – Yona Appletree


Well, its been nearly a year since our Kickstarter was orginally funded @ 17x of our original funding goal. Since then, we have made huge leaps and strides in our ability to control the WS2812 leds. Our biggest advance has been through the partnership and coordination with Yona Appletree.

Yona is an amazing light artist that has taken his LEDscape code and through our BeagleBone Black Capes (24 Output or 48 Output) is able to control his amazing Radiance dome and Radiance Orb.


The Radiance Dome is a free standing art installation based on a 5 frequency geodesic dome. It contains 190 illuminated panels and 120 vertex lights, which together form a highly customizable, light-driven 3d surface. Standing approximately 20’ tall and with a diameter of about 40’, the Radiance Dome is designed to be a space which captures the eye of the visitor from both inside and out.


The Radiance Orb is part of our ongoing series of interactive light installations exploring the intersection of cutting-edge lighting technology and 3d geometry. For this project, we scaled down the geodesic dome concept and made a complete sphere – while also significantly increasing the LED resolution and responsiveness to ambient sound.

You can learn more about Yona and his partners at Light at Play.