Connectors for Fadecandy / power supply?

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    I bought my fade-candy through Adafruit.
    They do not have the pin connectors like in the pictures on this site on (0-7).

    I bought the ‘3216 – 32X16 RGB Matrix’ on this site.

    I want to organize my cables in a nice way and not have everything soldered directly to the boards. Can anyone give me advice on the following questions, or direct me toward the correct flow?

    Part 1: Fadecandy
    Fadecandy connector/wire question:
    Fadecandy 0-7 holes:
    What pin connectors do I need to buy (size) to fit into these holes?

    Fadecandy data-inputx8/groundx8 to 8x connector on ‘3216 – 32X16 RGB Matrix’.
    What wire do I need to buy (or make) to connect to the pin connectors above
    that has this male end to fit into the 3216 – 32X16 RGB Matrix, and a female end to fit into the now pinned 0-7 holes?

    Part 2: Power supply
    3216 – 32X16 RGB Matrix Power Question

    I bought the 5V 60Amp power supply on this site.
    What is the best strategy for wiring up 5v/Group connections to ‘3216 – 32X16 RGB Matrix’?
    What is the suggested wire gauge?
    What is the suggested max length of the wire from the power supply to the ‘3216 – 32X16 RGB Matrix’?

    As for the plug to the the AC wall to the power supply I was just planning on cutting a PC power cord, is this an OK strategy or is there a cleaner way?

    Thanks for any help or suggestions.



    Weird I thought I posted this to Hardware but it ended up here somehow.
    Guess it goes into both.



    Charles, I shipped your items this morning. I added a some extra power cables and connectors. I also threw in a 120VAC power cable. I also included a female header to make it easy to mate to the 32×16.

    The Fc pinouts are all the same (RGB-123 and Adafruit) and they exactly match the header of the 32×16. The Examples here – should get you up and running with minimal effort.

    I am working on a video to show how easy it is to get everything hooked up.



    I sent email to you did you get it? Never got response!




    Got your email. Just sent a response!

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