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    The global Beaglebone Black shortage continues, but mine has finally arrived! And there was much rejoicing. Or at least there would be, if I had any idea where to get started.

    Is there any documentation anywhere on how to wire up panels to the BBB? Anything relating to software setup to power the display? While I am familiar with (GNU/)Linux, I am pretty much a total beginner when it comes to electronics at this level (any recommended reading would be appreciated). I am wary of just diving in and experimenting because:

    • the panels are expensive and hard to get hold of
    • I don’t want to let the magic smoke out of the lesser-spotted BBB or any other components
    • I don’t especially want to screw around when there’s a 300w power supply involved.

    Any advice appreciated, thanks!



    Lee, I just put together about 35 of these capes for a customer and have 8 or so left. I haven’t put them on the site, but they breakout 24 connections for panels from the Beaglebone. I’d recommend using something like this for all the reasons you mentioned.

    The cape has 5V logic buffers as well that further isolate your BBB and allow the WS2812 signals to be used with about 10 feet of wire. Let me know if you are interested!

    Beaglebone Black 24 output 5V Cape

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    Yes, I am definitely interested in one of these, and will grab one if you’re happy to sell me one (and it’s not silly money ;)), but I’d still like to know how to wire the panels/BBB/level shifter/power supply together, because I’d like to understand more about what’s going on.

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