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    Has anyone ever used this controller with the RGB-123 setups? I would like to wire and control 4 16×16’s with it. http://www.heroicrobotics.com/products/pixelpusher



    Pb, I actually have a PixelPusher unit here. They have stated that the code should work with the WS2812 leds, but I cannot confirm as of yet. I found the unit and lack of documentation to not be very helpful. I was going to pursue this more, but the great Ledscape code with 48 outputs on the Beaglebone Black pulled me off away from this controller.



    I have 2 kinds of strips. WS2812b (144LED 1M strip 3 wire power, ground, data) and LPD6803 (Dreamcolor 12v or something like that 4 wire, power, ground, data, clock).
    The pixel.rc file that words for the WS2812b that I had to change the connector on … pulled a power connector from an old PC power supply.
    It was thru trial and error i got them working. It looks like i blew up a usb drive at some point. Guessing wrong jumper position. The getting started guide is so dated and incoherent that im surprised something worse didnt happen. I plan to have a ceremony for the death of my USB drive…. it made it thru Iraq with me .. but not thru my pixelpusher configuration.

    I plan to return mine since there seems to be waaaaaaay more documentation and help for anything other than pixelpusher.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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