Matrix Signal and Power Cable Installation

Hey Backers! Well, with the Chinese New Year upon us I finally have some time to update the latest with the RGb-123 product line.  The biggest news is that the forum at is alive and well.  An outpouring of questions, support and sharing is starting to take place and I greatly appreciate everyone’s input.  As of right now, this is the easiest way for me to provide support to this growing community.  So if you have any questions, please drop us a line there and hopefully I can answer your questions, but they will also be there for others to benefit as well.


How to Video: A growing concern from both the forum and email has been the need for a setup tutorial of the matrices.  I have just uploaded a video to help with this.  I am looking at a blog post or other method to provide a step by step html or written tutorial as well.

Chinese New Year:  The World Semi Factory is currently closed until 10 Feb 2014 for the Chinese New Year.  I have multiple designs on order that are expected to ship shortly after the workers return to Shenzen from their holidays.  These orders will be used to fulfill the remaining 2% of matrices that still need to be fulfilled.  These orders will also be used backfill the inventory for the RGB-123 online store.

New Announcements: I wanted to plant the seed that I’ll be providing another update once I have a little bit more time about some of the exciting control and new products that we will be offering here very shortly.  I have already posted some teaser pictures on Twitter –