Packaging Begins

Backers, I wanted to give you a quick update on the status for getting all set up with shipping of your rewards.  I have received a bunch of new supplies that will allow for shipping of your matrices in the very near future.  Early adopter rewards will begin shipping in the next couple of days.

Boxing Supplies Arrive

The short story is that is our friend! All the boxes and anti-static bags for shipping are coming from these guys.

Panel Placed in Anti Static Bag

I have coordinated and am now all setup with Geami Paper and will be using this paper for final wrapping of the matrices prior to placement in the shipping boxes.  This is the same stuff that Digikey uses to ship all of their supplies.  It’s fully recyclable and works really well!  No packing peanuts!

Box Ready to Ship

Here’s the actual machine that takes the precut rolls and expands the paper.  Using a foot pedal makes it easy to feed the paper from the expander.  I am hoping this will really cut down on the time required for us to package up your orders.


Here’s a good example of this setup in action!

Finally, I am working with APS Tape to get custom packing tape to complement the standard white boxes we are getting from ULine.  In doing some research into this it appears that many retailers are going to this method of standard boxes and using custom tape to brand their shipments versus going with completely custom boxes.  I am glad I am not reinventing the wheel in this respect.  Lead time is 2-3 weeks and will be here in time for our bulk shipment of matrices.