Pre-Production Update

Hey Backers!  I am long overdue for an update.  First off things have been super busy here on my end.  As simple an offering as the RGB-123 lineup is there is still a ton of logistics to get through in preparation for order fulfillment.

8x8s and 8x16s – Final Proof PCBs of the 8×8 and 8×16 matrix panels have arrived from the manufacturer. These boards include the heavier 2 oz copper and ENIG finish.  I am happy with the quality of these boards and testing has revealed that the circuit and mounting holes were made as designed.  This is great news since all of the 8×8 boards in this order will be shipped very soon to our 25 Early Adopters! I am awaiting the XT60 connectors and servo wires from HobbyKing and I will then ship these out.  I will also be shipping 8×16 orders from this set of panels.  These orders will ship in order of precedence based on when pledges were made.

The image below is of the 8×8 panel.  As you can see this panel is comprised of four of the 88 matrices.  These boards have V-Scoring on the panel that allows for them to be broken apart after reflow and proof testing of the pixels.

8x8 Panel Paste

Here are 10 of the panels after being reflowed.  I provided a backdrop of the stainless steel solder paste stencil and our screen printer that is used to apply the solder paste to the pcbs.

 8x8 Panels Assembled

Another image of the same setup but zoomed out just little bit.

 8x8 Panels Assembled Zoom Out

I have only assembled about 12 panels (256 pixels per panel x 12 = 3072 leds) and this is the resulting mess from the pick and place reels.  It’s pretty surprising how much packaging is associated with all these small parts.  Luckily, it’s all recyclable!

 Used Reel Tape

 1x8s – Originally, I panelized the 1×8 matrices so that they would have the exact same form factor as all of the other panels.  After receiving quotes back from the manufacturer that were extraordinarily high, I opted to redesign the panel.  This design was sent to the manufacturer earler this week and should arrive in about 10 business days.  As soon as these panels show up I will be assembling them and shipping them to backers.  I am expecting shipment to occur in the second week of October.

16x16s – Due to a snafu with the mechanical design files the 16×16 panels are delayed.  The design has been fixed and is now being processed. These should arrive about the same time as the 1×8 panels.  This small delay in the 16×16 panel will not effect the November ship date.

WS2812B Pixels – Through the power of Alibaba I was able to work directly with the World-Semi Factory that produces the WS2812B pixels.  I currently have over 150K pixels on order.  Considering that each pixel houses 3 leds that makes for a total of 450K leds or almost a half-million leds!  Pretty crazy when you think about it!  I expect that these pixels will be delivered shortly after the Chinese Fall Festival that spans from October 1-7, 2013.

Power Supplies – Power supplies are also on order from overseas manufacturers these will arrive after the Fall Festival as well.

All in all things are shaping up well for production at Worthington Assembly in the latter part of October 2013.  Please feel free to leave comments or message me and I will do my best to answer any questions you may have!

BackerKit Surveys – Finally, I will be sending survey questions later this week through Backerkit.  You will have the opportunity to answer a few questions and provide your shipping address.  Additionally, you will have the opportunity to add additional matrices and power supplies to your order if you choose.