RJ45 Receiver Node – SPI


This is the mating receiver module for our Beaglebone Blask RS-485 Cape. Through the use of a single RJ45 cable four RS-485 buffered SPI signals (WS2801/
APA-102) can be transmitted over 1000+ meters. The outputs are terminated in a 3.81 MM pluggable screw terminal for easy connection to your RGB-123 matrix or led strip.  Led power can be distributed using the receiver through the large 4mm thru hole that can accommodate 12 AWG wires.  Receiver power is provided via 2.1 MM barrel jack connector.  It is recommended that the receiver be powered independently from the leds. However, a small solder bridge connection is provided if you do choose to power the receivers from the same power supply as the leds.

*CAT6 Shielded cable is required for proper function.

Schematic – RGBNodeF-APA102

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Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 1 in