RGB-123 meets Espruino

Very early on into this Kickstarter I partnered with Gordon Williams of Espruino.  Gordon backed RGB-123 very early on.  Because of his great Kickstarter I wanted to offer an option to all of you for an example of how to control these leds.  As such, I sent Gordon a 16×16 matrix to see what he could come up with.  Needless to say he did not disappoint! I am thrilled at how the OSHW and Kickstarter communities are coming together to create some pretty amazing graphics for these matrices!

You can find his full writeup here.  I have also excerpted his latest update and video below.  Be sure to watch the whole video and spread the word about Espruino and RGB-123!

“Ryan from RGB-123 kindly sent me one of his LED matrices to try out (I’d already pledged for one on his KickStarter). These are large PCBs with a grid of WS2812B LEDs on them. The LEDs are similar to the WS2811 LEDs used in the strings of lights in our rewards, but everything is completely integrated into one tiny package…With Espruino they’d be perfect for giant clocks or temperature displays, score boards, games, or even ambient lighting. In fact pretty much anything where you want a large, bright display.

Here’s a quick video showing how easy they are to use with Espruino’s Graphics API:”