Tetris meets RGB-123!


As of yesterday pledge backer and local maker Valentin Ivanov has put together a real cool project using a 16×16 prototype board.  He has adapted some other code that he had for Tetris and implemented this code with the 16×16 matrix.  He has done a great writeup at http://www.breakcontinue.com/2013/09/rgb-123-16×16-and-arduino-mega-playing.html documenting the process. He has even posted the code to github!

Valentin, uses an Arduino Mega 2560 and a Wii Classic Controller to interface to the display.  His code is very modular and should be easily adapted to other matrix sizes with minimal code revision.  Great Job and thanks for sharing Valentin!

This Kickstarter is quickly turning into a collaboration effort! I am looking at some long-term options for folks to share and collaborate on RGB-123 usage and development. I am leaning to a forum on www.rgb-123.com, but am hesitant to this due to the high amount of spam associated with forums and bots. I’d be interested to entertain other options. Please comment below if you have any thoughts on what might be the best way to provide collaboration. I know that I want to feature customer’s projects on the RGB-123 blog and am looking at incentives for those that do.